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IndiaElon Musk: Will settle 1 million people on Mars; Elon Musk...

Elon Musk: Will settle 1 million people on Mars; Elon Musk announced a bold plan leader

Paris; News Agency: SpaceX CEO Alan Musk has announced a bold plan to land 1 million people on Earth at the same time as the first attempt on Mars. All the needs of these new Martians like water to oxygen will be fulfilled on Mars itself. Musk also gave the unimaginable hint that nothing else would have to be supplied from Earth.

Musk gave the above information while answering questions asked at a technology conference held in Paris.
An ecological system for human survival will be established on Mars. Musk also said that people can enjoy living there with their families.

It is true that Musk has said that all this will happen soon; But the date-wise program for that is not kept ahead of some world. Our action plan is ready to put 1 million people on Mars at once, writes Musk on social media platform X. Mars will have all that is available on Earth. Of course, in the initial period, help and support will be provided from the earth. But soon there will come a time, even if nothing comes to Mars from Earth, nothing will harm these Martians. Musk has also assured from this post that once the settlement is established, they will soon be self-sufficient in every respect.

What will happen only after 8 years…

Musk is also the founder of SpaceX. Musk said last week that SpaceX’s mission to the moon would be launched in the next 8 years. Musk had also explained that there will be a base on the moon for traveling to other planets. This project on Mars requires a base on the Moon. It means that only after eight years something can be said about the human habitation on Mars.

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