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WorldEmine Erdogan: Turkey sheltered 772 Ukrainian orphans

Emine Erdogan: Turkey sheltered 772 Ukrainian orphans

The wife of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, First Lady of Turkey Emine Erdogan, said at the iftar program in honor of Ukrainian children at the presidential residence: “Our hearts are always with the beautiful people of Ukraine. Turkey is making every diplomatic effort to stop this war.”

Emine Erdogan received war-torn Ukrainian children – members of the Kiev Association of Crimean Families. The event was organized by the Turkish Government’s Office for Diaspora and Compatriots Abroad (YTB).

“You are in your own home. We are trying our best to be with you in all your needs and problems. All our relatives are our dear brothers and sisters. All the people of the world are our close relatives from the human family,” Emine Erdogan said.

Emphasizing that the only criterion that determines Turkey’s policy in the field of humanitarian assistance is the human factor, that neither language, nor religion, nor race can give rise to privileges or discrimination among people, First Lady Erdogan said that Turkey extends the hand of friendship to all countries, all people, all women, especially children.

Emine Erdogan stressed that Turkey received about 4 million people fleeing the war.

“After receiving a letter from Elena, I launched an initiative to accommodate Ukrainian orphans in Turkey. Currently, we have sheltered 772 Ukrainian orphans,” the first lady said.

Emine Erdogan recalled that during her last visit to Ukraine she visited a Crimean Tatar school: “It is very nice to be together with our compatriots again, but I would very much like this meeting to be not a war.”

The first lady treated the children to cotton candy prepared by her.

Singer Jamala, who took the stage later, thanked President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his wife Emine Erdogan for the invitation and all-round assistance.

She noted that Ukrainians have gone through hard times and this terrible war in her country continues, Jamala said that after the start of the war, many people had to leave their homes and become refugees.

At the end of her speech, Jamala said: “We are grateful to Turkey. Because Turkey accepted us, Turkey opened its doors to us, Turkey protected us. Long live Turkey, long live Ukraine.”

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