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TechEmpowering the Edge and Accelerating Data Centers MediaTek style

Empowering the Edge and Accelerating Data Centers MediaTek style


MediaTek claims to have a big role in accelerating the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in edge computing technology.

The growth of machine learning, of course, requires the support of massive AI processors. MediaTek has been developing its own AI processor, namely the AI ​​Processing Unit (APU) for about seven years.

This processor is as important as the CPU and GPU in the chip systems that the company makes. This year, MediaTek launched the 7th generation AI architecture which is part of its newest flagship product.



“To make it easier to develop products owned by corporate partners, we fully support each generation of APU with the NeuroPilot SDK that we created, allowing developers to exploit the full potential of the devices they produce,” said Kevin Jou, Corporate Executive Vice President & CTO of MediaTek, in a statement received detikINET.

“Meanwhile, our research team is actively investigating and publishing scientific papers, journals and whitepapers about what the next generation of AI can bring,” he added.

In this statement, Jou also said that currently there are two billion devices connected to the internet that are powered by MediaTek, many of which contain MediaTek APUs.

This makes MediaTek one of the world’s leading AI suppliers. MediaTek also offers specialized Enterprise ASIC services for companies looking to build customizable, ultra-high performance AI Data Centers.

“The flexible Deep Learning Accelerator (DLA) architecture and leading SerDes technology for networking puts us in a unique position to offer it all in a single, compact platform,” explained Jou.

MediaTek has been exploring AI edge applications through voice assistants and smart speakers since 204. Then it developed further into computer vision, image processing in photography, videography, media playback, and games, such as VR, AR, and more recently generative AI (GenAI) .

Empowering GenAI in the Data Center

MediaTek claims to be ready to create data center level AI modules to serve the era of generative AI. Our Enterprise ASIC services provide the benefits of a deep IP portfolio, including industry-leading Deep Learning Accelerator (DLA) processors and SerDes technology, world-class IC design expertise on leading edge technologies, and 2.5D chip-to-chip/advanced 3D packaging , plus our operational scale, guaranteed supply chain and global reach; all of which benefit large-scale AI providers.

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