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WorldEquator: At least 43 people died in a prisoner's case

Equator: At least 43 people died in a prisoner’s case

AA / Laura Gamba

At least 43 children have been raped, raped and tortured in a prison in Ecuador, according to authorities in the United States.

According to the Minister of Public Affairs, the incident took place at the social rehabilitation center of Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas, located 70 km from the equatorial capital, Quito.

As soon as the government confirms, it’s a pity that the’s’s’s’s death’s death’s 20 perm’s per se, the authorities on which the’s balance sheet is up-mid.

The designs of the detonation processes are pressed on the outside of the prison to prevent new members of their family members.

According to the Minister of the Interior, Patricio Carrillo, “the evasion of the environment of 40 people has been prevented” by the armed forces and the police.

President Guillermo Lasso expressed his condolences and declared that this new level was the result of “gang violence”.

“Between a series of family condolences and the processes that lead to the death of Santo Domingo prison’s staff. for an official visit of three days.

This new tragedy survives more than one similar item that has been sold by a balance of 20 mortals.

According to the authorities, since 350 children have died in the equatorial princes since February 2021, victims of endemic violence between gangs linked to drug trafficking.

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