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ERC collapses, announces that it will be in the opposition and will have to choose between blocking or investing Illa

The night and the next few weeks will be very long for Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC). The candidacy led by Pere Aragones has lost 13 seats with respect to the 2021 elections and has kept 20. It is the third force in the Parliament of Catalonia and loses any option to revalidate the presidency of the Generalitat. However, the poor results have not taken away the key to making President Salvador Illa (PSC).

“We will do what the citizens of Catalonia wanted,” said Aragonès in assessing the results: “be in the opposition“Thus, without giving rise to suspicions, Esquerra removes itself from the map of the negotiations for a eventual left-wing tripartite. PSC (42 seats), Comuns (6) and ERC would add, but the Republicans completely rule it out. They will not be in that Government.

There is the option, in any case, of supporting the investiture of Salvador Illa from outside. He has not spoken about that, aware that it may be the only option to not condemn Catalonia in a political blockade and subsequent repetition of elections. Of course, Aragonès has put the ball of forming a government majority in the court of PSC and Junts per Catalunya. “They have the responsibility.”

The main reading that the formation makes of its resounding defeat is that the “Polarization“between Carles Puigdemont and Salvador Illa has marked the vote of the Catalans. Aragonès has said it in public and other leaders have commented on it in private. A republican leader slipped in, when the bad result of ERC, which was “very difficult” campaign with the entire political conversation focused on the PSC and Junts per Catalunya.

But the pacts and support—or lack thereof—for a possible Illa Government is just one of the problems that ERC has. The second is to examine why they have lost the trust of almost 180,000 Catalans. Aragonès has acknowledged that the Government’s “negotiation policy” has not convinced the electorate.

Times are coming “reflection“said the spokesperson for the training, Raquel Sans. It remains to be seen if this reflection will be transformed into decisions and who is the object of them. The next few hours or days will be crucial in terms of assumption of responsibilities. The applause of the ERC leaders for the effort of the campaign, sometimes natural and sometimes choreographed, has not hidden the tension of his gestures.

By territory, ERC has lost seven seats in the constituency of Barcelona. It has gone from 19 to seven. In the other three provinces, he has lost two in each of them. He has been left with two in Girona and with three in Tarragona and Lleida.

An authoritative voice from within the party, in an attempt, welcomed by the parish, to relax the mood, has drawn an analogy between the popular Catalan tradition of the human towers and the electoral disaster. “The castles fall, but they always rise“.

Illa’s moment

Election night has been a nightmare for Republicans. During the last week of the campaign, they dedicated themselves to convince the undecided, but they are not even close. The tragedy has already begun to emerge from the beginning of the count and has been confirmed at the end of a night that has given a great victory to Salvador Illa and a key to the Generalitat that ERC is forced to share with Comuns.

Illa has already said that she will run to be president and Jessica Albiach He has called him to encourage him to form a progressive Government. Furthermore, he has also asked her to move away from the idea of ​​trying to reach an understanding with Carles Puigdemont.

But in all this post-electoral drawing, ERC is the cornerstone. The idea of ​​supporting an Illa Government has constantly hovered over the atmosphere in the Nord Station pavilion, the place that the Republicans have chosen to continue the election night. Nobody has said a single word about it, however. Perhaps, because it will be a debate that will invade the organization immediately.

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