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WorldErdogan: "Digital fascism" is one of the threats of our time

Erdogan: “Digital fascism” is one of the threats of our time

“Digital fascism” has become one of the threats of our time – an obstacle to the free and safe access of billions of people to information. This was stated by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a video address to the participants of the 4th meeting of the ministers responsible for media and information and high-ranking officials of the Organization of Turkic States in Istanbul.

According to the Turkish leader, the media and information exchange are vital areas for combating disinformation, including on social networks, which is in the interests of countries in the political and social spheres.

The head of the Turkish state cited the example of the Karabakh war, when Azerbaijan and Turkey faced a stream of lies and slander.

“A hard struggle was waged for 44 days not only on the battlefield, but also in the information sphere, in print and electronic media. All this confirmed the importance of joining efforts in the fight against disinformation,” Erdogan said, expressing hope for the consolidation of the efforts of the Turkic states in this direction.

“An important platform for the solidarity of our countries is the Organization of Turkic States, which opened a new era of cooperation in various areas: from politics to education, from security to the economy,” the Turkish President stated.

The head of state highly appreciated the Concept of the Turkic world for the period up to 2040.

According to him, media structures, which in democratic countries are often called the “fourth estate”, very often fall under the influence of external forces, and also follow the lead of preconceived circles or transnational companies, which results in a distortion of reality, manipulation of truth.

“Special risks are posed by social networks, where there is no any form of auto-control and ethical values. It is in social networks that today one can encounter rampant lies and distortions. The information sphere is strategically no less important for states and societies than defense, security or healthcare,” he stressed.

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