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WorldErdogan vows to continue efforts for Russia-Ukraine ceasefire

Erdogan vows to continue efforts for Russia-Ukraine ceasefire


Vowing to continue Turkey’s efforts for peace in Ukraine, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday stressed his support for a ceasefire and then lasting peace to end the eight-week war.

Implementing a ceasefire first and then a lasting peace between Ukraine and Russia would be one of the “most beneficial acts carried out in the name of humanity,” Erdogan said in the capital Ankara.

“I wholeheartedly believe that a peaceful solution can be found through dialogue on the basis of safeguarding Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty,” Erdogan said.

Russia and Ukraine have made progress, but emerging images of the cities of Bucha and Irpin and attacks on civilians in Kramatorsk are overshadowing Turkey’s efforts, Erdogan added, referring to images of the massacre that made headlines around the world.

The Turkish leader also pledged to continue efforts to achieve a result from the Istanbul talks that satisfies both sides and the international community.

The Turkish metropolis of Istanbul late last month hosted important peace talks between the Ukrainian and Russian delegations.

Turning to the normalization process with Armenia, Erdogan stressed that Turkey “sincerely” continues the normalization process and is also working to prevent “new tensions” and maintain stability in its neighboring Balkans.

Turkey and Armenia last December appointed special envoys to discuss normalizing relations after a long period of deteriorating relations between the two due to issues such as borders and the events of 1915.

Two rounds of talks were held on January 14 and then on February 24, the day Russia launched its war against Ukraine, an issue that has dominated the global agenda ever since.

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