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WorldEU calls for reforms in Ukraine

EU calls for reforms in Ukraine

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Union (EU) Commissionanswered the questions at the joint press conference held at the close of the Future of Europe Conference with the President of the EU term, French President Emmanuel Macron and the President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola.

Referring to Ukraine’s EU membership application and this process, von der Leyen pointed out the importance of reforms in Ukraine.

Von der Leyen emphasized the importance of establishing a reconstruction fund for Ukraine due to the destruction caused by the war, and said:

“There will be reconstruction investments in Ukraine. There are hundreds of billions of euros in investments, not only by the EU, but also by international organizations and international partners. However, these investments must go along with reforms. For example, reforms to get rid of oligarchs, to end corruption and other issues are the maximum for Ukraine. “There is a lot of momentum to move forward in this regard in Ukraine. The combined progress of investments and reforms can lead to a different kind of progress on the EU path.”

President of the European Parliament Metsola said that the Ukrainian people want EU membership and the EU responded very quickly to this demand.

“Seeing Ukraine in the heart of Europe is as important for our will and interests as it is for the will and interests of this country,” Metsola said. said.

Stating that they want to continue the dialogue with the countries in the Western Balkans, Metsola said that they also welcome the membership applications of Moldova and Georgia.

The EU Commission plans to present its opinion on the start of Ukraine’s EU accession process to EU leaders in June. EU leaders are expected to address this initial view and recommendation at the summit meeting at the end of June.

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