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WorldEU changes European Parliament election law

EU changes European Parliament election law

The new “European Election Law” proposal, which was accepted by the votes of 323 deputies against 262 in the voting held in the EP, includes some innovations such as new deputies, voting and election age, voting methods.

Accordingly, voters will cast their votes in two ballot boxes in the European Parliament elections. One of these two ballot boxes will be established for candidates for EP parliamentary seats from EU countries, and the other for candidates from across Europe. In other words, voters in one EU country will be able to vote for a politician who is a candidate for the European parliamentary position in another EU country. 28 additional seats will be added to the parliament for those who will be elected as “European deputies” to the 705-seat EP.

In addition, it is aimed to give EU citizens a greater say in the determination of the President of the EU Commission. For this, European political parties will determine their own candidates for the Presidency of the EU Commission. The candidate of the political party that receives the most votes in the EP elections will be the President of the EU Commission.

Apart from these, a quota application will be introduced in some EU countries in order to ensure gender equality, since no female MPs are elected to the EP.

In the proposal accepted by the deputies, there are also articles such as holding the EP elections on 9 May Europe Day in all member countries, the election age being 18, the introduction of a 3.5 percent threshold in the electoral districts that have sent more than 60 deputies, and the ability to vote by mail in order to make the EP elections more “European”.

In order for the proposal to become law, it must be unanimously approved by the European Council, which represents 27 member states.

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