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EU wants the assets of Russian oligarchs to be used in the construction of Ukraine

Visiting the Ukrainian city of Odessa, which was attacked by Russia on 9 May Europe Day. Charles Michel, President of the Council of the European Union (EU)held a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal.

Stating that Ukraine needs financial resources to maintain its operability in addition to its military and humanitarian needs, Michel stated that they also support the Ukrainian government, which wants the rebuilding works to begin urgently.

Noting that they have imposed sanctions against Russia before and that they will increase the pressure on the Kremlin through such means, Michel said, “We have frozen the assets of many Russian oligarchs. I personally think that we should try to seize these assets so that these tools and assets can be used in the rebuilding of Ukraine.” said.

The EU froze the assets of a large number of Russian business people, known as oligarchs and said to be close to Russian President Vladimir Putin. There were reports that some countries confiscated luxury goods such as yachts by some oligarchs.

EU High Representative for Foreign Relations and Security Policy Josep Borrell said that Russia’s frozen foreign exchange reserves could be used in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Due to the sanctions imposed, the Russian Central Bank’s gold and foreign exchange reserves of approximately 300 billion dollars abroad are frozen.

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