Tuesday, 17 May 2022
WorldEurope Day: Erdogan sends message amid war in Ukraine

Europe Day: Erdogan sends message amid war in Ukraine

AA / Ankara

“The time has come for the EU, which has strayed from its founding values ​​and been influenced by the short-term policies of its Member States, to write a new history for itself with the War in Ukraine”.

It is with these words that the President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, sent a message on the occasion of May 9, Europe Day.

The Turkish Head of State particularly wanted to emphasize the challenges posed for Europe and the EU by the war in Ukraine.

“Today, this tragedy unfolding in the middle of Europe in front of the whole world, is a warning for the EU,” he warned.

President Erdogan recalls that the declaration of the Schuman Declaration, which laid the foundations for European integration, has been celebrated as “Europe Day” since 1999, when Turkey’s candidacy status for the Union European Union (EU) has been granted.

“The EU has gone far beyond a peace project with the common policies it has developed from the past to the present. It is time for the EU, which has moved away from its founding values ​​and been under the influence of the short-term policies of the Member States, to write a new history for itself with the war in Ukraine.Today, this tragedy unfolding before the whole world is a warning for the EU. Today, we need solidarity, cooperation and, above all, a visionary and courageous perspective, just like when the foundations of European integration were laid,” he defended.

Erdogan stressed that Turkey has made a concrete contribution to overcoming current challenges, not only as a candidate country and NATO ally, but also as a partner with a strong and deeply rooted European acquis.

Emphasizing that the negative effects of the war in Ukraine, which have reached global dimensions, have once again confirmed the strategic importance of Turkey for the EU in many areas, including security, migration, supply and energy chains, Erdogan concluded:

“In an increasingly complex global scene, it is in the interests of both sides to focus on our common denominators rather than our differences, and to develop Turkey-EU relations in all areas rather than conflicts. of interests. I wish ‘Europe Day’ will lead to peace, well-being and solidarity in our common geography. Congratulations on ‘Europe Day’.

* Translated from Turkish by Tuncay Çakmak

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