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WorldEuropeans 2024: "Humiliating"... Le Pen pays Macron on their future debate

Europeans 2024: “Humiliating”… Le Pen pays Macron on their future debate

Emmanuel Macron’s camp is considering proposing a new debate between the head of state and Marine Le Pen before the European elections. The latter said what she thought about it.

In Emmanuel Macron’s entourage, an idea is gaining ground to try to relaunch the European campaign: what if the head of state himself was going to clash with the given favorite camp of the election, that of the National Rally? While the head of the Macronist list, Valérie Hayer, did not manage to reverse the trends with her debate against Jordan Bardella, it was first the Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, who was sent to the front, for a face -face meeting scheduled for May 23 with the RN candidate. But some close to the president now dream of seeing a Macron-Le Pen duel replay.

The idea, according to La Tribune Sunday, would have been mentioned at the Élysée during a dinner given on the occasion of the presentation of the Legion of Honor to former senator Pierre Charon, on April 30. A Macron-Le Pen debate before the European elections? “I’m thinking about it,” the President of the Republic would have assumed. If the hypothesis is considered, it is because the Macronists dream of an outcome similar to that of the two presidential campaign debates which pitted Macron against Le Pen, in 2017 and 2022: the current head of state had been widely credited with dominating his opponent.

“Very useful” according to Le Pen, but…

But what does Marine Le Pen think? In a statement sent to AFP on Sunday evening, the former president of the National Rally decided: “It would be very useful if I could debate with the president in September on what he intends to do with the three long years that remain to him” , she declares.

A debate, therefore, but after the Europeans. Because for the moment, the MP says she has full “confidence in [sa] head of the list”, Jordan Bardella, to lead the campaign. And for good reason, the RN list is given at more than 30% in all the polls, far ahead of that of Valérie Hayer.

“Humiliating for Gabriel Attal”

Marine Le Pen does not hesitate, moreover, to underline “the little confidence that Emmanuel Macron has in his Prime Minister” to already envisage a debate in front of her, while the Bardella-Attal duel has barely just ended. be scheduled: “I find it very humiliating for Gabriel Attal to let this proposal leak before the one which must be held between the Prime Minister and Jordan Bardella”, she wrote to AFP.

Before adding that it also seems “contradictory to propose a presidential debate when (the Macronist camp) constantly criticizes us for nationalizing the debate” of the European elections.

And also in the countryside

17:40 – Macron’s videos on the European elections are a hit… and delight the president

The head of state seems very satisfied with his small operation carried out in recent days on social networks, as reported by Le Monde. Emmanuel Macron broadcast videos of himself answering questions from Internet users about Europe. And the extracts on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, X totaled, according to calculations by the Elysée services, 39.5 million views. “Not bad, right?, we say at the presidential palace,” reports the evening newspaper, which recalls that the President of the Republic “is angry with the “spirit of defeat” which, in his eyes, invades part of his troops. Emmanuel Macron has made it known that he will commit to this campaign and it is likely that he will not leave Gabriel Attal and the head of the list Valérie Hayer alone at the front against the far right, clearly in the lead in the voting intention polls.

17:22 – Socialists dismayed by Renaissance dualization – RN

A Macron – Le Pen debate envisaged and before this, an Attal – Bardella debate, scheduled for May 23. This does not please the socialists and their candidate Raphaël Gluckmann at all. The latter regretted yesterday on France 3 that France 2 was doing a media event around these personalities. “Do you find it normal that the public service organizes a debate two weeks before the European election (…) between the right and the extreme right, excluding the left? Do you find it normal that a list which is “ to touch-touch” in the polls with the list of Macronists is excluded from this debate? “asked the MEP.

Today, in a press release published on X, the first secretary of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, describes this confrontation between the Prime Minister and the young president of the far-right party as “a democratic imposture”. “Nothing justifies the European debate being artificially limited to two parties of the right and the extreme right. Nothing,” he wrote.

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