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Eurovision 2024: candidates eliminated before the final!

Eurovision takes place this Saturday evening, but candidates have already been excluded. The 2024 competition takes place in a context of tensions linked to the participation of Israel…

16:12 – An elimination deemed suspicious

This communication was not enough to put out the fire. Several artists continued to demonstrate or call for an end to the violence, such as the Belgian Mustii, wearing messages of peace on his arms during the semi-final on Thursday or a keffiyeh, a symbolic scarf of Palestine, a little earlier . He was eventually eliminated. An immediately judged elimination of the suspect. In Belgium, the semi-final was at the same time interrupted on television by a union, with a message condemning “the human rights violations perpetrated by the State of Israel” in the Gaza Strip. The absence of Belgium, which has always been part of the finals in recent years, will be very noticeable in this regard.

15:59 – Qualified countries

There are 26 countries qualified for Eurovision. They are Serbia, Portugal, Slovenia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Finland, Cyprus, Croatia, Ireland and Luxembourg, Latvia, Austria, Norway, Israel, Greece, Estonia, Switzerland, Georgia and Armenia. The Netherlands also qualified before being excluded. Six countries are automatically qualified for the final: Sweden, title holder, and the “Big five”, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the United Kingdom, the biggest contributors to the organization of the competition. The running order is available below.

15:43 – Israel “can participate” in Eurovision

“The Israeli public broadcaster is a member of the EBU and can therefore participate in the Eurovision contest,” the press release also indicates, recalling in passing that the event is above all dependent on the broadcasting rights for the evening, paid by a fifty countries which provide most of its income.

15:32 – Death threats against the Israeli candidate

On April 9, the organizers of Eurovision had to publish a long press release to denounce the “targeted campaigns on social networks” aimed at certain participants. If she was not cited, the Israeli singer, victim of death threats on Instagram, was clearly on people’s minds. The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), organizer of Eurovision, said it understood “the strong emotions (…) and the intense debate sparked by Israeli participation” and assured its “firmly” support […] freedom of expression and the right to express opinions in a democratic society”, but stands against “any form of online abuse, hate speech or harassment targeting our artists or anyone associated with the competition”.

15:18 – The Eurovision of controversy

This year, the competition is the scene of strong political positions and controversy surrounding Israel’s participation, in a context of tensions with Palestine. Several artists called for an “immediate ceasefire”, saying they did not want to “remain silent”, others protested against the presence of the Israeli candidate, Eden Golan, in the competition. The semi-finals were marked by sustained protests against the war in Gaza outside the Malmö Arena, where the event will take place.

15:10 – The Dutch reaction

The Dutch broadcaster of Eurovision regretted a “disproportionate” sanction, and said it was “shocked” by the organizers’ decision, on its X account. Avrotros the Dutch group NPO also described it as “very radical “. “This is a disappointment for millions of Eurovision fans in the Netherlands and other European countries,” he said.

15:03 – The annoying question

During the same conference, a tense exchange took place between Eden Golan and a Polish journalist regarding the security of the competition, exacerbated by protests and calls for boycotts linked to the conflict in Gaza. When the organizers indicated that the artist did not have to answer these questions, Joost Klein, visibly agitated, then removed the flag from his face to challenge the room with a “Why not?”, prompting Eden Golan to respond . The investigation into the incident has not yet clarified whether this behavior and verbal altercation are part of the reasons for Joost Klein’s temporary exclusion.

14:49 – A very visible protest next to Israeli Eden Golan

Several European media also point out that the artist has publicly expressed his disagreement regarding Israel’s participation in the competition in recent weeks, due to the war in Gaza. When placed next to Eden Golan, the Israeli representative, at a press conference following the Eurovision semi-final on Thursday, he notably expressed his displeasure by covering his face with the Dutch flag . A gesture which did not fail to provoke reactions.

14:27 – What happened to Joost Klein, the candidate from the Netherlands?

According to a source close to the production, Joost Klein would be involved in an altercation which would have taken place with a photographer or a camerawoman during the parade of flags, a key moment before the opening of rehearsals for the final. Swedish public television SVT also reported a physical confrontation between Joost Klein and a photographer on Friday afternoon. It is this incident which would have led the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the organizer of the competition, to exclude the singer from the final rehearsals, initially scheduled for 9 p.m.

14:16 – An “incident” and an exclusion before the Eurovision final

Dutchman Joost Klein was sidelined from rehearsals for an “incident” on Friday, without it being clear what incident it was. He was excluded this Saturday at midday. He had very ostensibly shown his hostility to the Israeli candidate seated near him during a press conference, covering her face with a flag and encouraging her to answer the journalists’ political questions.

14:05 – Countries and candidates have already been eliminated

The Eurovision 2024 semi-finals took place this week. And there are 11 countries that were taken out of the competition. So you won’t see them this evening. These are Poland (Luna – The Tower), Iceland (Hera Björk – Scared of Heights), Moldova (Natalia Barbu – In the Middle), Azerbaijan (Fahree feat. Ilkin Dovlatov – Özünlə Apar) , Australia (Electric Fields – One Milkali), eliminated Tuesday during the first semi-final, as well as Belgium (Mustii – Before the Party’s Over), San Marino (Megara – 11:11), Denmark ( Saba – Sand), the Czech Republic (Aiko – Pedestal), Malta (Sarah Bonnici – Loop) and Albania (Besa – Titan), eliminated on Thursday for the second semi-final.

14:01 – Eurovision takes place tonight in Malmö!

Hello and welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to Eurovision 2024. The European song contest will experience its grand final this Saturday evening in Malmö, Sweden, in a tense context. Israel’s participation in the competition was widely criticized by several artists and by demonstrations around the Malmö Arena, where the event will take place, because of the war in Gaza. Yesterday, an “incident” was reported without knowing precisely whether it is linked to these protests. The Dutch candidate has been sidelined from the competition “until further notice”.

Here are the 26 countries qualified for the Eurovision 2024 final with the participating artists and titles, in the order of appearance drawn at random by the organizers. Slimane and France were placed in penultimate position at the very end of the evening, just after the big favorite Baby Lasagna:

The countries eliminated during the Eurovision semi-finals are 11 in number. They include Belgium, for a historic exit from the competition even before the final:

Croatia, with Marko Purišić aka “Baby Lasagna” and his rock song “Rim Tim Tagi Dim”, established themselves as the bookmakers’ favorites, 24 hours before the final, ahead of Switzerland, with Nemo and his song “The Code “. Here are all the predictions compiled in real time according to the odds of around fifteen bookmakers:

While a favorite seemed unbeatable just a week ago, the bookmakers’ rankings have been completely turned upside down in recent days. It was the Croatian Baby Lasagna, with the title “Rim Tim Tagi Dim”, who was announced as the winner of the competition with more than 40% chance of victory, according to the aggregation of odds from around fifteen betting sites. online Friday evening, 24 hours before the final.

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