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Excited Rows of Artists Dragged In Online Gambling Cases


Recently, the public was again shocked by the disclosure of artists who were suspected of participating in marketing online gambling on social media but who had not been reported to the authorities.

This is known from a review that went viral by one of the accounts on Twitter. The upload also included sources of information from the PPATK or Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center.

detikcom then found out about the truth of the names of the artists who were suspected of participating in advertising online gambling with Ivan Yustiavandana as General Chair of PPATK.

“We cannot convey that in detail, what is clear is that we are carrying out our authority in accordance with Law Number 8 of 2010,” said Ivan to detikcom, Wednesday (30/8/2023).

Furthermore, Ivan also explained that his party was working to monitor parties suspected of being involved in money laundering, including gambling. The parties being monitored also include artists who have recently been active on social media.

“PPATK always monitors transactions of parties suspected of being involved in money laundering or predicate crimes, including gambling. Artists or social media activists who promote online gambling accounts are among the parties whose transactions are analyzed by PPATK,” explained Ivan.

“However, specific information regarding the names of certain parties cannot be conveyed considering that artists and influencers can be said to be involved in online gambling promotions,” he answered again.

Ivan said that his party could not immediately mention the names of the artists involved in this case. They also need proof which can only be done by police investigators.

It is known that cases of online gambling marketing among artists have mushroomed after the world of social media was optimized to increase one’s income. This includes artists who have recently been actively advertising goods or services there.

Armed with popularity on social media, artists are trusted by workers in the online gambling sector to work together with each other.

In 2021, Shandy Aulia is an example of an artist who has been reported and caught in a case of alleged online gambling endorsement. The report was submitted to Polda Metro Jaya by Laura Aprilya.

At that time, Shandy Aulia had come to the Regional Police to carry out an investigation regarding the reported case. Unfortunately, until now there is still no further clarity on this case.

The report is registered with number LP/B/4180/VIII/2021/SPKT/Polda Metro Jaya.

In the report, Shandy is suspected of participating in distributing online gambling via electronic media. Shandy Aulia was also reported regarding Article 27 Paragraph 2 in conjunction with Article 45 Paragraph 3 of Law Number 19 of 2016 concerning ITE.

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