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WorldExecution and record clerk exam density in Istanbul Courthouse

Execution and record clerk exam density in Istanbul Courthouse

Upon the Contracted Personnel Recruitment announcement dated March 1, 2022 by the Ministry of Justice Personnel General Directorate, a practical exam is being held for execution and record clerk in the Atrium area of ​​the Istanbul Palace of Justice in Çağlayan.

Some of the candidates who came to the courthouse to take the exam practiced with the keyboards they brought with them. Some candidates were found to be excited.

Candidates who are taken to the exam room in groups are asked to write 90 correct words in 3 minutes.

Those who succeed in the exam, in which a total of 3 thousand 233 candidates sweat to become a clerk, will be entitled to enter the next interview.

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Justice General Directorate of Personnel, 315 record clerks will be recruited, 308 of which will be at the Istanbul Courthouse and 7 at the Gaziosmanpaşa Courthouse. Again, 64 executive clerks will be recruited for the Istanbul Courthouse and 5 for the Gaziosmanpaşa Courthouse.

Yeşim Bostancıoğlu, who took the court clerk exam, stated that she was excited and said, “I hope it will go well. They gave the texts. We are now taking the practice exam. I studied for the keyboard, went to the course. If I stay for the interview, I will study.” said.

Mehmet Kara, who said that he would experience excitement in the exam, noted that he had a predisposition because he used a computer, so he did not study too much.

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