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WorldExhibitions: A world where women float

Exhibitions: A world where women float

A rattan installation that simulates a mangrove swamp and a series of unpublished paintings of aquatic motifs make up the exhibition “Mitad Agua”, by the artist Fernanda Quiñones, which will be inaugurated this Wednesday 30, at 11:00 a.m., at the Government Palace Museum, in an event organized by the OPD of Museums, Exhibitions and Galleries of Jalisco (MEG) and the Jalisco Ministry of Culture.

In the exhibition you can see six paintings that clearly show Fernanda Quiñones’s relationship with water, as they are made up of images of floating and serene women, who in a kind of meditation interact with the water that surrounds them, enveloping and clothing them, transmitting a subtext of love and hope.

At the same time, The installation of rattan represents this relationship between the paintings by means of roots that extend to build a trajectory through the entire exhibition. For the artist, “Mitad agua” marks a before and after in her artistic practice, as it unites a previous work with watercolor and her development with drawing and oil.

This exhibition is the second individual exhibition of the artist, who has focused her practice on oil painting and for the first time presented an exploration with large-format pieces, with the installation of the mangrove swamp; that in a space like the Museum of the Government Palace, it is presented as an innovative proposal among the cultural samples that testify to the history of Jalisco, but also to its future.

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Fernanda Quiñones was born in 1987 in Guadalajara and has studies in Business, as well as art and design. She is currently the creative director of Rattan de Guadalajara projects and has exhibited collectively in Venice and Mexico City. Her first individual exhibition was called “Wings and threads” and it took place in 2022 in Guadalajara.

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The Government Palace Museum is located at Av. Corona 31, Historic Center; Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.



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