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WorldEZLN: Three decades of indigenous insurgency

EZLN: Three decades of indigenous insurgency

From the statements expressed in these pages it is clear that the declaration of war of the indigenous insurgency – which gave special weight to women – is still valid, given that poverty, exploitation, dispossession, violation of human rights, impunity and displacement continue. forced, to cite examples.

That is to say, three decades after the emergence of a new face against neoliberalism, everything changed to remain the same… or worse with the remilitarization of the state and the appearance of “an enemy” that equally tears apart the rest of the country: drug trafficking. .

The statements of those interviewed also emphasize the internal conflicts of the insurgent movement – ​​caused by the errors of its leaders and the phenomenon of migration – and its need to evolve to remain current. They also express special interest in 2005, the year in which they identified the break between Zapatismo and the political movement of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who, already in the presidency – they denounce – sought to minimize Zapatismo “with its social programs.”

Fragment of the report published in edition 0007 of the magazine Processcorresponding to January 2024, whose digital copy can be purchased at this link.

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