Thursday, 21 September 2023
WorldF1: Red Bull makes 1-2 in the Italian Grand Prix

F1: Red Bull makes 1-2 in the Italian Grand Prix

The Italian Grand Prix at the legendary Monza Circuit was an action-packed spectacle that kept Formula 1 fans in suspense from start to finish. Max Verstappen, the Dutch Red Bull driver, stood out once again by achieving his tenth consecutive victory of the season, setting a new record.

But he didn’t do it alone, since his teammate, Sergio Pérez, dazzled with an impressive race, recovering positions and executing memorable passes that took him to second place, securing a 1-2 win for Red Bull and marking the team’s fifteenth consecutive victory in the 2023 season.

The excitement reached its peak near the end of the race, when the two Ferrari drivers, Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc, staged a thrilling duel on the track. Sainz bravely defended his position against Leclerc’s onslaught, delighting the passionate Italian supporters.

The start of the race was delayed due to an engine problem in AlphaTauri’s Yuki Tsunoda’s car during the formation lap, but once underway, the action was relentless. Carlos Sainz led the race and resisted Verstappen’s attempts passing him for 16 laps before the Dutchman finally made the expected pass.

Meanwhile, Sergio Pérez made his own way to the top. On the same lap that Verstappen passed Sainz, Pérez managed to pass George Russell and began his search for the Ferraris. On lap 32, he was in a tough duel with Charles Leclerc and eventually seized third place in a fierce fight.

With determination and patience, Pérez continued his climb and, after several attempts, finally managed to pass Carlos Sainz on lap 46, securing second place and consolidating the 1-2 lead for Red Bull. Red Bull continues to dominate, but on-track fighting continues to be the main course at every Grand Prix. After this result in Italy, Max Verstappen is on track and without a rival to be crowned again by adding 364 points, while Sergio Pérez reached the figure of 219 points. Fernando Alonso follows him with 170 units, while Lewis Hamilton is located with 164.

The next stop in the Grand Circus of Formula 1 will be the Singapore Grand Prix on September 17 at the Marina Bay Street Circuit.


1.- Max Verstappen / Red Bull
2.- Sergio Pérez / Red Bull
3.- Carlos Sainz / Ferrari
4.- Charles Leclerc / Ferrari
5.- George Russell / Mercedes
6.- Lewis Hamilton / Mercedes
7.- Alex Albon / Williams
8.- Lando Norris / McLaren
9.- Fernando Alonso / Aston Martin
10.- Valtteri Bottas / Alfa Romeo



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