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BusinessFamily Business of Castilla y León reiterates its support for the Constitution...

Family Business of Castilla y León reiterates its support for the Constitution one day after the amnesty was approved

One day after the amnesty was approved, Empresa Familiar de Castilla y León (EFCL) has once again reiterated its firm support for the Constitution, the separation of powers and judicial independence as a guarantee of our institutions, our democracy and the State of Right.

This was stated by the president of EFCL, Pedro Palomo, during the General Assembly of Members that the association held this Friday in Segovia with the sponsorship of Banco Santander and the collaboration of Garrigues, and which brought together more than a hundred owners of the main family businesses in the Community, as well as political and economic leaders in the region.

The president of EFCL began his speech by remembering that businessmen are part of Civil Society and, therefore, “in these turbulent times that we are experiencing, we want and We must actively position ourselves on current economic and even political issues.which affect us as citizens and of course also as businessmen”.

He insisted that businessmen play an essential role in these times and have the responsibility to tune in to social sentiment and respond coherently to their concerns, which is why, in his opinion, “It is no longer worth dedicating yourself only to the business business as if the social and political context were not with us”.

For this reason, he stated that “this Assembly is a magnificent moment to affirm with conviction that we believe in a Constitution that defends equality between all Spaniards, regardless of where they live” since it is the framework that “guarantees our model of coexistence, unity within our diversity.”

Likewise, he added that “we want to say firmly that we believe in the division of powers and in the independence of the judiciary, as a guarantee of our institutions, our democracy and the rule of law.” “We need less populism, less social polarization and more thinking about the Common Good and constructive dialogue,” he asserted.

On the other hand, the president of EFCL insisted that the association will continue to work “insistently and constructively” proposing measures that facilitate the creation of wealth and employment. An example of this is the document presented to the Commission for Administrative Simplification of Castilla y León with 50 measures to end “the senseless bureaucracy that affects our competitiveness and, why not say it, makes us desperate in our daily lives”.

He also reviewed the different activities that EFCL develops to “generate unity in our families, and strength in our companies”, among which he cited the meetings with members from the different provinces, which constitute a way to unite the association and the Community. “I have met many ethnic businessmen who make it a pride to belong to this group,” he confessed.

Pedro Palomo concluded by stating that despite the turbulence that surrounds us, economic and political, businessmen will continue to move forward “working and contributing to what we know how to do and it depends on us, and adapting to a situation of continuous uncertainty that it is no longer a novelty but our reality”.

After the meeting of its Members’ Assembly, EFCL held a work day in which the territorial director of Banco Santander, Javier Martín, also participated, and in which businessmen, judges and political leaders contributed their vision on different issues of great relevance in the present.

So, “The Judiciary: independence and legal security” It was the center of debate in one of the round tables of the day, which included the participation of Judge Pablo Llarena and the president of the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y León, José Luis Concepción.

“The future of Spain in the world” was also the subject of analysis by the MEP and former Minister of Foreign Affairs José Manuel García-Margallo, while Carmen Lence, CEO of Grupo Leche Río; Juan Pablo Lázaro, CEO of Sending Transporte, and Maite Antón, general director of Grupo Antón Comunicación and president of the Association of Family Businesses of the province of Alicante (AEFA), debated the perspectives that 2024 presents for the management and activity of family businesses. The day was closed by the vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Juan García-Gallardo.

Prior to the General Assembly, the family businessmen held a working dinner last night with the regional secretary of the PSCYL, Luis Tudanca.


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