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BusinessFarmers and transporters meeting in Madrid agree to maintain the indefinite strike

Farmers and transporters meeting in Madrid agree to maintain the indefinite strike

The two organizations of farmers and transporters gathered this Saturday in Madrid have agreed to maintain an indefinite strike to join the sector’s protests that have paralyzed traffic on several highways and roads in the country throughout the week. The leaders of Platform 6F and the organization that defends the freight transport sector, the two organizers of the protest in Madrid, addressed this Saturday those attending the rally at the capital’s Metropolitan stadium.

The protests from the countryside have thus arrived in Madrid this Saturday on a day in which some organization had indicated its intention to take the mobilization to Ferraz Street, where the PSOE headquarters is located, which weeks ago became the epicenter of demonstrations against the Executive. After the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, assured that protests were not going to be allowed in the center of the capital, the focus moved early in the afternoon to the surroundings of the Atlético de Madrid stadium.

In theory they were two parallel mobilizations. One from farmers and another from transporters. The first, under the umbrella of Platform 6F, which is behind part of this week’s tractor marches and which decided to call a vote next to the Metropolitan stadium to decide whether to “paralyze or continue the massive strike.” One of the spokespersons for this organization, during the last few days, is Xaime da Pena Gutiérrez, a lawyer and businessman from A Coruña who promoted the canvas that Desokupa installed in the center of Madrid, on the eve of the elections of July 23, in against Pedro Sánchez.

The second movement, that of the transporters grouped in the ‘Platform for the defense of the national and international road freight transport sector’, the same one that called a strike two years ago. The latter announced this week a vote to confirm another indefinite strike that the main transport organizations oppose. The latter met with the Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Óscar Puente, and denied that their associations plan to mobilize and increase pressure.

Shortly after 5:00 p.m., several hundred people summoned by the two platforms gathered next to the Metropolitan, with Spanish, some Ikurriña, and some Carlist flags. Cries of “long live Spain”, “long live the countryside and the farmers”, have been mixed with others in favor of creating a “common front” that unites transporters and the countryside. An event in which the agitator Luis Pérez, better known as ‘Alvise’, was also present.

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The visible face of this platform, Manuel Hernández, was already at the forefront of the demonstrations two years ago and, this Saturday morning, he criticized the rest of the transportation sector. “Large organizations have never brought anyone together,” he said in a video posted on social networks. In it he has also attacked the second vice president and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz. “A young lady who in her life has greased her boots in the countryside beyond the paripé when they have to go and collect the plastic balls from the Galician beaches” and has stated that the sectors “have no other alternative” than protest.

Hernández, in an improvised scenario in a truck, has assured that Spanish agriculture and livestock is “a leader in the world in quality”, but “the one who brings it to the table risking his life is the transporter. “We are willing to ally ourselves because we are the pillars of the country.”

“You will remember the strike, in which they treated us as terrorists.” But, he has assured, since then the 2022 agreement has not been translated into concrete measures. “The drivers have been replaced by others from other countries who have been deceived by a pittance” and this has been conveyed to the Minister of Transport, Óscar Puente. “We have not received a response. We went to the President of the Government and now with the farmers we can achieve it.”

Hernández, who interrupted his speech due to shouts against the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande Marlaska, has assured that “what we want is to work” and not “maintain unions like UGT or CCOO.” “I have seen news that they even want to mobilize the Army,” he added, “we are going to give them a fight.”

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