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FFWS SEA 2024 Spring Week 6 Results: 4 Indonesian Representatives Qualify for the Final


The knockout stage has ended FFWS SEA 2024 Spring. Four teams Free Fire who represented Indonesia in this competition managed to qualify for the final.

They will continue their struggle to win the title in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The Indonesian teams in question are Evos Divine, Indostars, RRQ Kazu, and Onic Olympus.

However, before appearing in the final match, the four of them will compete in the point rush round on 24-25 May 2024. Here they will try to collect headstart points, which will be useful to support their position in the grand final on 26 May 2024.



Actually, there are five teams representing Indonesia in this prestigious event. Unfortunately, one team failed to continue, considering that the points were not enough to increase their position to the top 12 until the knockout stage ended.

The unlucky team is Dewa United Apollo. They were only able to finish in 14th place with a total of 623 points.

That way Dewa was relegated from FFWS SEA. They have to get back in the game FFWS ID 2024 Fallif you want to appear again in the Free Fire tournament throughout Southeast Asia, namely FFWS SEA 2024 Fall.

A little information, of the 18 participants who competed in the knockout stage, Garena only providing 12 slots in the final phase. So the six teams in the bottom position are certain to be eliminated.

Following is the team list Free Fire who passed to FFWS SEA 2024 Spring grand final:

  1. Buriram United Esports
  2. Reverse Red
  3. Team Falcons
  4. Attack All Around
  5. Stalwart Esports
  6. Evos Divine
  7. Indostars
  8. Expand
  9. RRQ Kazu
  10. P Esports
  11. WAG
  12. Onic Olympus

Indonesia indeed sent quite a lot of representatives to the grand final, but it can be seen from the list above that Thailand still dominates. Because five teams appeared FFWS SEA 2024 Spring all of them qualified for the final match.

In fact, it was so strong that places one to five were filled by the Thai team, with more than 1,000 points collected. The other participants who qualified for the final were one from Malaysia and two teams from Vietnam.

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