Thursday, 28 September 2023
WorldFirst Day of Entering School, France Starts Banning Abayas

First Day of Entering School, France Starts Banning Abayas


The French government began enforcing a ban on wearing abayas in schools on Monday (4/9) local time, when children in the country returned to school. The abaya ban applies to Muslim girls attending hundreds of affected schools in the country.

As reported AFP, Tuesday (5/9/2023), the French government last month announced a ban on abayas in schools, saying it violated the rules of secularism in education in the country. The regulation already prohibits the wearing of the hijab in schools, as it is considered a form of religious affiliation.

The move pleased the right, but leftists argued that such a move was an affront to civil liberties.

“Everything went well this morning. There have been no incidents for now, we will remain vigilant throughout the day so that students understand the meaning of this rule,” said French Prime Minister (PM) Elisabeth Borne while visiting a school in northern France.

But he added that there were “a number” of schools where girls arrived wearing abayas.

“Some of the young women agreed to remove it. For the other young people, we will discuss with them, and use an educational approach to explain that there is a law that is applied,” Borne said in a statement.

Wings are now accusing the centrist government of President Emmanuel Macron of seeking to impose an abaya ban to compete with the right-wing National Party led by Marine Le Pen.

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