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WorldFood inflation: the French face the disadvantage of "losing their temper"

Food inflation: the French face the disadvantage of “losing their temper”

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Although energy and food prices are significantly higher in France than in the course of their consumption, an analysis institute specializing in consumption has established that the supply of food products must be accelerated in each venir.

Based on the conclusions of the survey conducted by the Information Resources Incorporated (IRI), in April 2022, the price of the products of large consumption increased by 2.9% on one of all the food products known as a house 3.01%.

IRI establishes that the inflation of large consumption products is accelerated at the rate of its most recent outflows, accounting for 1.13% at the rate of its own maximum avril [1].

“In April, inflation is + 1.13% globally, which is two times higher than the previous one,” the institute said in its detailed conclusions.

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“The house [annuelle] the prices at which the levels are most closely related to most or most of the products. “If the pies stabilize around +15%, the wind, the hills and the farine afferently show a 2-digit inflation rate,” iri reported in a partisan post on Twitter.

Note, for example, that the price of flour has an annuity of 10.93%, while all fuels are stable at 9.98%, the price of flour has increased by 7.91% and 11.33%, depending on the type of product.

“Inflation has a cap on the last of them in the cafe and on the paper categories (all-paper, toilet paper, mousse) not appearing in the top 10, the progress of the price is very slow, around + 6 % “, index on LinkedIn, Emily Mayer, director of Business Insights of iri [2].

This galloping inflation is partly due to the increase of energy prices, which affects the production and transportation of large quantities of large consumption products.

The war in Ukraine is amplifying this amorphous process as of 2021, in the context of post-pandemic creep which is, of course, marked by cracks in the approximate flux and in the production chains [3].

– The tendency to slip and slide and accelerate

According to the IRI Business Insights directive, the progress of high-consumption products and food inflation, should be increased, should be accelerated in the coming months.

The specialist explicitly refers to the two factors that determine the determinants in this tendency, the premise being “arbitrage” which is due to consumers, “in favor of prizes within the most inflationary categories”, that is to say that consumers consume products producing inflation or their sub-values ​​in the short or medium term.

Mayer added that “the flow of prices goes very low and auras the strengthening of important consequences on the French-speaking equations, which are more important than inflation being installed at the right time”.

Interrogated by Anadolu Agency (AA), Anice Lajnef, ex-trader for SG, Nomura and Barclays explicitly all because consumers “do not have inertia” and whoever chooses to concentrate on them essential oils such as bile and pharynx, due only to real inflation which increases the risk of penalties in the vein “, adding that” this can lead to the penalization of other sectors of activity which “It is not considered as a matter of course, but the consumer must have an arbitration”.

According to Emily Mayer, the second factor that determines in the evolution of the prices of large consumption products and the notation of food, is “the reversal of negotiations on certain products in the venues”, between producers, suppliers and control centers of store chains (supermarch, hypermarch, etc.)

The Business Insights directorate of IRI notes that “inflation fell + + 5% on the size of the stock in large areas, a level that was no more than 2008”.

– Putting in place a “strategic bucket” by supermarket chains

Pallier affair which has been announced for inflation and does not penalize to the detriment of consumers who are constantly focused on painting, supercharged chains looking for clues. This is the case, for example, of the Leclerc hypermarchs.

Michel-Edouard Leclerc, the president of the strategic committee of the Leclerc centers, also announced the place of a “strategic bouclier” or “evolutionary anti-inflation boucler”.

“On the basis of reproducing the 120 articles, most of which are read by consumers and provide some kind of boucler or guarantee that these articles will not be published after 4 May [31] juillet “, at-il expliqué, mardi, sur la chaine d’information France Info.

Soulignant que la loi Egalim 2 [4] self-propelled, intermittently selling products at least as far as they are concerned, Leclerc notes, in other words, which do not use maneuvering margin on their margins and appeal to the French government to deliver of the provision providing the margin of 10% from which it is imposed.

Attending the reaction of the French Executive, in cases or Leclerc hypermarchs augmented by their price range, or reimbursing the difference between their clients by the Leclerc ticket price, for clients having a “feed card”.

In the frame of the presidential election campaign, which is being held in April, President Emmanuel Macron, hoping for a second term, offers a quick place to eat a “food check”.

Michel-oudouard Leclerc, interrogated by BFM TV, estimates that annual global inflation in France, which is 4.8% higher than the current level [5]deviate atteindre “6 à 7% of what it’s”, providing a more significant inflation on the products of great consumption, notably the food products.

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“No, the war in Ukraine is not from the origin of the houses in France, what is the purpose for this! augmenting the remuneration of group activities such as Mars or Nestlé “, being the president of the strategic committee of Leclerc centers.

Of his televised career, Michel-oudouard Leclerc pointed to the increase in the price of agricultural intranets for French producers, as for the rest of the world, with the war in Ukraine already accelerating this trend.

“On a 4.8% [d’inflation] avant Ukraine and the whole of it fortunately augmented “it is or continues to be part of the problem of cereals with Ukraine, the problem of transports with Ukraine and the buoyancy of speculation and d ‘ “anticipation against those who fall behind because they also have the effect of a machine gun for the large groups to serve Ukraine”, as presumably, at the indicated time.


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