Friday, 22 September 2023
TechFor the sake of smooth connections, Telkom adds network access at the...

For the sake of smooth connections, Telkom adds network access at the ASEAN Summit Media Center


Telkom has added access networks in the area ASEAN Summit Media Center. This step is to ensure the smooth holding of the meeting between Southeast Asian countries in Jakarta.

Telkom added access points for the media center, making power settings, as well as providing an additional LAN adapter for the laptop which can be used to broadcast and report on the progress of the event.

In connection with the issue of WiFi access performance due to signal interference, Telkom We have swiftly carried out comprehensive checks to find problems and immediately taken the necessary mitigation steps so that network performance can return to normal.

Director of Network & IT Solution Telkom, Herlan Wijanarko said that ASEAN Summit is an important state event not only for Indonesia but also all stakeholders in the ASEAN region.

This state-owned company is also committed to ensuring the best ICT infrastructure support and will continue to monitor network quality performance for smooth running during the 43rd Asean Summit in Jakarta.

“Regarding WiFi performance in the Media Center, the team on duty has checked it and acted quickly. We have also added the necessary support,” said Herlan in a statement to detikINET, Tuesday (5/9/2023)

“For this event, Telkom is deploying 242 personnel both at posts, conference areas and the field who will continue to monitor the quality of service to remain excellent during the activity. There are at least eight posts at central, regional and subsidiary companies who will monitor and secure service quality on an ongoing basis. periodically,” he said.

This activity is not the first time that Telkom has participated in supporting the holding of international state events. Previously, Telkom had provided infrastructure and services at the 42nd ASEAN Summit in Labuan Bajo which was successful without significant obstacles.

“Let’s continue the success of holding the 43rd ASEAN Summit by providing the best and highest quality ICT network infrastructure,” concluded Herlan.

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