Thursday, 28 September 2023
World"For those debating whether I'm alive or not..." - video of Prigosh...

“For those debating whether I’m alive or not…” – video of Prigosh as debate |

Moscow: A video of Wagner Group CEO Yevgeny Prigosh shortly before his death has gone viral on social media. The short video from Africa was circulated via the Wagner Group link on the Telegram channel. Prigoshin talks about himself and the threats against him in the video. Prigosh is seen wearing a military uniform and cap. He has a perfect background for his role and look.

“This is for those who debate whether I am alive or not, how I act. It’s the weekend, the second half of August 2023, and I’m in Africa now.” Prigoshin says in the video.

So for people who like to discuss my elimination or my personal life, how much I earn or whatever, all I can say is that everything is going well.-Prygoshin continued.

The video has become a big topic on social media. One user responded that Prigosh’s words were inappropriate. We look forward to more videos from Prigosh soon. Especially about his life and income,” another user commented.

The Russian government said Prigoshyn was killed in a plane crash between St. Petersburg and Moscow. Prigoshin was killed after he called for armed rebellion against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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