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Formerly a carpenter, now worldwide, Happy Asmara admits that he is often insecure


Happy Asmara is now a world-famous singer. This was proven after a photo of him hanging out in Times Square New York.

The singer of Ngopi Maszeh did not expect to be in the position he is in now. Even though he used to be a carpenter.

“Definitely surprised, huh, a photo of me making art can be pasted on New York’s Times Square. It seems like God, it turns out that God’s provisions are real, that it doesn’t matter if we are poor, even if we are artificers, whatever it is, God can elevate people as easily as turning the palm of the hand,” he said when met in the Daan Mogot area, West Jakarta, recently.

Happy Asmara admitted that when she wanted to become a dangdut singer, she was very insecure. In fact, that feeling still often comes to him to this day.

“I was insecure and even now I’m still insecure in some way. Just because of Happy’s enthusiasm, I have to be more enthusiastic, there are still lots of targets so I have to be enthusiastic,” he said.

Happy Asmara admits that he does not want to be satisfied with his current achievements. He really asks for support from everyone.

“There are still achievements that Happy wants to achieve, but again, we as a people can only pray and beg,” he said.

Regarding what dreams he will achieve in the future, Happy Asmara is reluctant to reveal. But what is certain is that he wants to remain in the music industry that has made his name famous.

“Yes, the main thing is that there will be more to be achieved, even more. In the music industry, Happy also wants to survive and be loved by Indonesian people more and more. He can go international, really global,” he concluded.

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