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WorldFourth group of Ahiska Turks from Ukraine delivered to Turkey

Fourth group of Ahiska Turks from Ukraine delivered to Turkey

The fourth group of Ahiska Turks, evacuated from Ukraine due to the ongoing war with Russia, has been delivered to the east of Turkey.

A group of 161 people arrived in the province of Elazig with the assistance of the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

Ahiska Turks were met at the airport by Vice-Governor of Elazig Recep Gunduz and other representatives of the local administration.

The Ahiska Turks evacuated from Ukraine are placed in the Temporary Residence Center in the Ashagydemirtash region.

In general, 559 Ahiska Turks arrived from Ukraine to this Turkish province since the end of February.

Ahiska Turk representative Fatma Ryzaoglu thanked the Turkish authorities for the safe evacuation from Ukraine.

According to Ryzaoglu, before the war in Ukraine, they had no problems, but with the outbreak of hostilities, living conditions became more difficult, and they already faced life threats. “Glory to the Almighty, we have arrived in our historical homeland. Thanks to everyone who helped us get here. Thanks to everyone who saved us,” she said.

Another Ahiska Turk, Beyzat Ryzaoglu, said that he had lost all the elders of the family, who had always longed for Turkey.

According to him, the Ahiska Turks are very fond of Turkey and perceive it as their homeland.

Rizaoglu expressed his gratitude to everyone who participated in the evacuation to Turkey.

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