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France / Fictitious Employees: PM François Fillon’s office is 4 years old with 1 farm

AA / Paris / Feiza Ben Mohamed

The French Prime Minister François Fillon’s address has been set at 4 years in prison, with 1 farm, 375 million euros in possession and 10 years of ineligibility by the Paris Court of Appeals at the establishment of fictitious employers of his home, based on information reported by local media.

Penelope Fillon is for part condominium à 2 years in prison with source.

The laws attached to the head of the French government appealed to the lower courts, all of which were pronounced in June 2020 by the Paris Court of First Instance, which sentenced him to 5 years in prison on 2 farms.

François Fillon has been reconnoitered with the coupable news of the destruction of public funds, the complication and recurrence of the abuses of social life.

During the appeal process, intervened in late November, the couple was far from defending the charges against them.

“Since it is a nominal deputation, the deputation of deputations emanates from their connotation and is in this context that it’s a house participating in its political action”, avait-il explicit face to Cour.

François Fillon described it as “regrets for the democratic debate” and said that it was “marked by this affair” and that “rien did not pour out violence on the subject”.

Assurance before justice that what the “bliss of the most” takes into account that “40 years of political life, 40 years of service of a city, of a region, of a country, 40 years of engagement »It was« effective from a satirical journal article and a charge inquiry ».

For the first time, in 2017, Canard Enchainé revealed that Penelope Fillon had been sent as a parliamentary assistant during her political career as she left without any trace of her work, whether in her or not. confirm which and travaillait vraiment.

Both pairs of couples have also benefited from this type of work contract.

In a campaign for the presidential election, François Fillon set out to pursue political ambitions in the face of provocation.

This will occur without any direct impact on the presidential scrutiny of any state that favors the sensation of the probes.

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