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France: France Insists and the Socialist Party Conclude an Accord on Legislative Electoral Options

AA / Paris / Ümit Dönmez

France Insummise (LFI) and the Socialist Party (PS) have reached an agreement on legislative elections that will take place between June 12 and 19.

By publicly communicating communication, the LFI has indicated to avoid the need for chord points on the program and circulations, in addition to the PS which “binds, in the current processes, a National Council for ratifying this accord”.

“HISTORIQUE: c’est fait! After all the news of it, we also have an accord: the PS rejoins La France Insoumise, EELV & the PCF in #NUPES! instead of a common program of radical change! ” tweeted Manon Aubry, LFI MEP and president of the gauch group in the European Parliament.

The PS, whose candidate for the last presidential election, does not claim that 1.75% of the suffixes expressed during the first tour, and which have no local implantation, also include the LFI and the French Communist Party (PCF) in the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (NUPES) which intends to import the legislative electoral choices formerly governed by Jean-Luc Mélenchon as prime minister.

The LFI candidate for the presidential election won 21.95% of the vote during the first round, taking the third position in the suffragettes of the outgoing president Emmanuel Macron and the candidate of the National Assembly (RN), Marine Le Pen.

After long series of negotiations, the PS and LFI are not only in agreement on the revaluation of the SMIC from 1302 euros to 1 400 euros, as well as on the passage of the minimum return period from 62 years to 60 years . Round for a second quintessence, due to the second round that is only until April 24th, Emmanuel Macron tries to pass the return leg at 64 yards from the end of his new term, which à 65 years old, hor l’horizon 2030.

Blocking prices on premium output products, ecological planning and the constitution of a VI Republic consisting of other major program points in common with NUPES.

Many of the PS cadres were expressing their opposition to this agreement with this agreement between their party and the LFI, Stéphane Le Foll, then Minister and Mayor of Mans, declaring that they would “conduct the campaign” of dissidents.

Interrogated by La Montagne, François Hollande, President of the French Parliament, after declaring that he “recited” this agreement “on the fund” as “on the transcripts” on which the two parties agreed. , preceding which it is necessary to read “a question which must be retrieved by the national council of the PS”.

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