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WorldFrance / Presidential: One to two full-time tours

France / Presidential: One to two full-time tours

AA / Nice / Feïza Ben Mohamed

Between the two rounds of the French presidential election, the two qualified candidates, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, deliver a prompt to turn on the switches, swinging notation.

The presidential candidate, who accounts for more than 27% of the suffragettes, for his part, by clearing the cap over the gauze, announcing several measures taken on the ecology and social.

In the case of re-selection, Emmanuel Macron puts in place a “food check” which, when mounted, oscillates between 60 and 80 euros to allow difficult citations.

Assurance, eg, will be “ready to bouger” on the conditions of the Adulte Handicap Allocation (AAH), so that the recipients of the conjugate are ready to be counted.

All during the preceding quintessence, the Executor refuses to decongest the AAH, the Head of the State finally finishes this door in a full inter-two-turn.

Samedi in Marseille, for example, multiplied by propositions in the direction of ecological electors.

After this election, the Prime Minister “charged himself with ecological planning”.

“You do not send the message which is intended to be a part of our compatriots when it enters between April 10 in the urns to measure the environment between our camping and the annual flights to France”, at-il déclaré.

The promet “a massive effort to purify the air in (the) schools, (the) hospitals, (the) retreat houses, all (public) dwellings”.

Last but not least, the extreme candidate Marine Le Pen, who, like the candidate of the world, is willing to support TVA on its premium products.

It can also be used for those who work between 17 and 20 years, which can be added to the back of the 60 year old.

The second round of the presidential election took place on April 24 and the traditional debate on the two-way tour, organized directly on television, turned out to be decisive in the choices of the French.

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