Tuesday, 17 May 2022
WorldFrance reacts to Mali's decision to withdraw from defense agreements

France reacts to Mali’s decision to withdraw from defense agreements

In the statement made by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was stated that France was informed of this decision of the interim administration in Mali on 2 May.

In the statement, it was noted that France described the decision as “illegal”.

It was emphasized that there was no violation of the bilateral legal framework by the Barkhane forces of France in the region.

It was also stated that France will continue to withdraw its military elements from Mali.

The junta administration in Mali stated that the cooperation agreements in the field of defense signed in 2014 were terminated due to France’s violation of Mali’s sovereign right in various ways.

The reasons for these violations were France’s decision to reduce the number of soldiers in Operation Barkhane without consulting Mali, the Barkhane and Takuba Task Force ending their activities without informing Mali, and the unauthorized flight of French military planes.

The first crisis between the two countries started with the allegations that Wagner mercenaries were stationed in Mali.

France announced that it will withdraw from Mali, where it has been experiencing various crises since October 2021, when the allegations were made, and that it would end Operation Barkhane.

France had withdrawn from the base at Gossi, where about 300 soldiers were located, on 19 April.

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