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France: The Grand Mosque of Paris appeals to Macron and organizes an Iftar rep to the kitchen

AA / Nice / Feïza Ben Mohamed

The Grand Mosque of Paris (GMP) organized, on April 19, an Iftar of “the election of the president of the republic Emmanuel Macron”, for which the appeal to vote in the second round of the presidential election.

«The forces malveilantes experiment aujourd’hui overturning and applauding the banning of Muslims. How do you react to this malware that is banalized and installed in the shops? By voting and in the continuity of the Republic », the director of the GMP, Chems-Eddine Hafiz, in a public communication, took place.

Affirming that the “destiny” of “Muslim citizens (…) as all of the national community, moving in the urns of the second round of the presidential election”, the exile to vote for Emmanuel Macron.

The director also referred to the “extreme (post) Dangerous position not only for Muslims, but also for the Republic”, and assumed that “conducting a historical drama as one who is not behind the fence”.

«Votes for the desire of the right hand to enter the extremities. Gardons-us de tout bavardage sterile. It’s all. Il fire fire, remaining », concluded the communication.

A consensus is also diffused by the “Muslim de France” federation (ex-UOIF), which calls for the removal of the outgoing president.

“We appeal to all concurring and noticing this Muslim confederation with a barrier to the extreme right in the second round of voting for Emmanuel Macron”, wrote the federation in a diffused mercenary text.

It should be noted that the posting of the two organizations has been critically noted not only on social networks but also on the number of Muslims because they have a political order given to Muslims.

Separation against separatism affects political discourses in mosques and drastically restricts their potential, for the culprits, as well as for their conductors, to avoid political positions.

With the subtitle of illustration, the Mosque of Pessac, the object of a closure procedure initiated by the prefecture of Gironde, after which it conducts its political opinions and criticizes the Islamophobic southern provisions of this counter the separatism.

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