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WorldFrance / Women raided by police: Nanterre parcel opens

France / Women raided by police: Nanterre parcel opens

AA / Nice / Feïza Ben Mohamed

The parcel of Nanterre (Paris region) opens a quest for “voluntary violence by persons deposited by the public authority” and “public ignorance” after the violence perpetrated by police on two women flying over Pont de Clichy, ann the lawyer of the plaintiffs, including Nabil Boudi, and the Anatolian Agency.

The “salutation of the celestial body with the lacquer of the floor is not the plaintiff, but regrets that the racist and Islamophobic character has not been retained” for the inquiry.

Maître Boudi assured that the plaintiffs “were smoked by the opening of this preliminary inquiry”.

For rappelling, the last April 14, on Pont de Clichy, the two young women flying, being severely beaten by police.

The video of the faults has been published online and has been seen of the mill mill designs, forming an emoji vif.

In an exclusive address in Anatolia, Nabil Boudi created what he called “a confrontation between the three police officers involved and the plaintiffs” at the IGPN (General Inspection of the National Police).

The very idea of ​​”what motivates identity control” indicates that identity control is regulated in France and must be justified by the commission of an infraction.

The explicit emphasis on how to control control of the legitimacy, “one of the police officers is not agitated by one of the victors trying to get away with it”.

“Inside one of them there is an enormous gap, then another ventricular placement, after which it is avoided,” the lawyer said, adding that a medical certificate has been established by the hospital the two young women after the children.

The policemen involved in more than one depot on a plane for “exit and rebellion”. For Nabil Boudi, he does not know a “classic scheme” and does not interfere in this accusation because the “policemen” did not interrupt the young people and deposited a plain only after the diffusion of the video on them social networks.

«Ils savent qu’ils ont violé la loi, et qu’ils ont commis des faits trves graves e depotent plainte to justify violences» tranche l avocat.

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