Sunday, 19 May 2024
BusinessFreixenet opens the melon of climate ERTE: "It does not seem that...

Freixenet opens the melon of climate ERTE: “It does not seem that it will be the only company”

Juan Luis Ávila remembers the frosty mornings and the frozen ground during the months of December and January of his childhood and some pleasant summer periods that were interspersed with hotter ones. “Now we have had a few years in which the maximum frost is two or three times each winter and the summers are deadly,” explains the person in charge of the olive grove sector of the Coordinator of Farmers and Livestock Organizations (COAG). “Those of us who are on the field, are on the field. Regardless of the approach, climate change is affecting,” he acknowledges.

The employment regulation file announced two weeks ago by Freixenet, which will affect more than 600 workers, has put on the table a reality that, according to the unions, does not seem to be going to be extraordinary. “It is an issue that we will probably have to address clearly in the near future, because droughts linked to climate change have increased between 30 and 40% since 2000,” says the environment secretary of the Workers’ Commissions, Mariano. Sanz.

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