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WorldFrench presidential candidate Le Pen accused of embezzling EU money

French presidential candidate Le Pen accused of embezzling EU money

French news site Mediapart OLAFOLAF, in the incident, which was reflected to the French press by publishing sections from the report of OLAF Marine Le Pen3 former European Parliament affiliated to his party (includingAP) accused the deputy of embezzling around 600,000 euros in public money.

Three other MPs accused include Marine Le Pen’s father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Louis Aliot and Bruno Gollnisch.

In the report, which was submitted to the Paris Prosecutor’s Office on March 11, Marine Le Pen was accused of embezzling approximately 137,000 euros of public money from the Strasbourg Parliament, while she was a member of the EP between 2004 and 2017.

In addition to Le Pen, it is alleged that his father embezzled about 300 thousand, Louis Aliot about 2,500, and Bruno Gollnisch about 43 thousand euros as expenses.

The comment from the Le Pen front that the election campaign was interfered with

On the other hand, Le Pen’s lawyer Rodolphe Bosselut stated that his client was not summoned by any French judicial authority, and was only questioned by mail in March 2021 for the investigation opened in this context in 2016.

Bosselut pointed out that the charges were coincided with the election time.

Speaking to Europe 1 radio, Jordan Bardella, interim President of Le Pen’s party National Unity (RN), accused the EU and its institutions of interfering with the presidential election campaign in France.

Bardella informed OLAF, which they had sued twice before, that they would file a third lawsuit.

In an investigation carried out in Paris since June 2017, Le Pen is on trial on charges of creating “fictitious employment” in the AP.

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