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From a Child Idol to Singing in Front of Erdogan, Rahmi Amalia Focuses on the World of Music


Rahmi Amalia returns to the world of music by releasing a single entitled Give Pause. This song was released on August 31, 2023.

Give Pause is a single or one of the songs from the album Rahmi is currently working on.

This song tells about a monotonous and very boring relationship. He was no longer in a beautiful and enjoyable relationship phase, so he decided to leave but didn’t give up.

“Maybe those who have watched it from the past, even Little Idol often hears mellow songs,” said Rahmi.

“So when I heard this song for the first time, it was delicious, and when it was offered, Pandu immediately agreed and I really think the power is there,” he continued.

Give Pause, which is a pop genre, was created by Fadli Abdul Rohman and the lyrics were rewritten by the producer, Max Pandu.

Meanwhile, the music arrangements and orchestra section were worked on by Tsani Anwar AsTsani.

Rahmi Amalia and her producer Max Pandu both have a vision and aspiration to be able to benefit many people through music.

Rahmi Amalia is a singer who graduated from the Little Idol talent show from 2008 to 2009.

Rahmi has also won a language and culture festival in Türkiye. He had toured around Europe in Germany, Denmark, and several other countries. He even appeared directly before Erdogan, and received flowers from the Turkish President.

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