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From Apple Watch to Garmin: Which is the best smartwatch, according to Profeco? These are their prices

With the advancement of technology, it is increasingly common to purchase smart devices to facilitate day-to-day tasks, or to monitor our health and meet sports goals.

Such is the case of the smartwatch or smart watches, which, since their creation, have evolved to fulfill more developed functions than telling the time, the weather, or counting the number of daily steps a person takes.

What is a smartwatch and what is it for?

A smartwatch it’s a gadget which consists of a bracelet with a touch screen (square, round or rectangular) which connects to the cell phone and has multiple functionalities.

Some have heart rate monitorgeolocation system (GPS), allow you to read cell phone notifications, make phone calls, measure physical activity and even games.

The most recent smart watch models allow you to perform payments thanks to NFC (Near Field Communication) which works through an electromagnetic field between two nearby devices allowing data transfer. Using NFC offers more security than a credit or debit card payment.

What is the most complete smart watch?

The Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) carried out a quality study of smart watches in which 16 models from 11 brands were analyzed, evaluating battery life, connectivity, attributes, utilities, physical resistance and the information provided to the consumer.

Among the smartwatches qualified by Profeco as ‘Excellent‘These brands are found with the following attributes:


Made in Taiwan and priced at 5,559 pesos. This watch stands out for its AMOLED screen, possibility of connection with computer equipment, response with pre-recorded messages and it is possible to make payments.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5

With a price of 5,225, this watch has an AMOLED screen, the ability to make payments and respond to messages. In addition, it is resistant to drops and scratches.

Apple Watch SE

With a price of 5,732 pesos, the Apple Watch stands out for its OLED screen, it is possible to make payments and respond to messages; However, it can only be configured as devices of the same brand and does not have an oximeter.

Garmin Forerunner 55

Ideal for athletes, this smartwatch can connect to computer equipment and make payments; However, it does not have a touch screen and costs 4,399 pesos.

What are the best good and cheap smartwatches?

PROFECO rated the following smart watches as chinese origin as ‘Very Good’ and with prices below average:

  • He AMAZFIT BIP 3 PRO It costs 1,385 pesos and has an oximeter, heart rate monitor, and distance measurement.
  • He MOBO RANGER black has a price of 999 pesos and has an AMOLED screen, heart rate monitor, oximeter and battery life for up to 11 days

What precautions should I take when using my smartwatch?

People who have pacemakers or defibrillators should be careful when using a smartwatch, as they can interfere with medical devices by altering their function, which could put the life of the wearer of the smartwatch at risk.

In this regard, the FDA has recommended maintaining a minimum distance of 15 centimeters between the watch and the implant.

People with sleep disorders or anxiety should also take care of the use of the smartwatch, since they ask to generate dependency on the phone and notifications, which could affect their rest and mood.

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