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From the European Parliament, Macron plaides for “preserving peace in Europe and avoiding escalation” in Ukraine

AA / Nice / Feïza Ben Mohamed

The French President, Emmanuel Macron, has been outspoken before the European Parliament in Strasbourg, reaffirming his commitment to “overseeing Europe and avoiding escalation” in Ukraine.

The head of the State denounced “the investigable crimes” as “by Russia (…) in Ukraine”.

“We do not want to fight against Russia”, at least, not at all, temperamentally, all appealing to “make this war more than a year, that Ukraine is working and Russia is not importing Jamaica”.

The meaning that “liberty and aspiration in the country on the visage of the EU” and that it is “in the name of this liberty and this descent” that Europe wants to “rule Ukraine, son president and all the people of ukraine ».

For his first discourse on European representation for re-election, Emmanuel Macron is, in other words, favorably pronounced in favor of a “convention for the revision of treaties” as proposed by Ursula Von Der Leyen.

“Ukraine does not intend to define the terms of negotiations with Russia, but it is not necessary to have more than three quotas to obtain the body-fire. We are here to rebuild Ukraine, in Europe », promet also the head of the State.

For the sake of completeness of the present, the President shall refer to the qualification of Ukraine as a “Member State” of Europe, in response to the “adherence process” to the “several-year-old” the member states deciduous «to lower the standards of this adhesion».

This is the proposition that Emmanuel Macron argues that “I can not be short on the very way of structuring the European continent” and appeals to them above the creation of a “new European commune” which permits of “a new space of political coordination”.

Notice that the President is desperately present in Berlin and that he wants to reconcile the German chancellor Olaf Scholz.

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