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WorldFull marks to the Tour of Turkey from the foreign press

Full marks to the Tour of Turkey from the foreign press

Tour of Turkeywho made a statement to foreign journalists thatabout the organization expressed his views.

Stefan Mothes of Germany’s sports magazine Pulstreiber said, “As I expected, visiting Turkey was a pleasant experience. A warm welcome, good food and lots of interesting things to see. The Tour of It is impossible to forget Turkey.” said.

“The challenging mountain climbs, the magnificent journey over the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge and the beautiful scenery in the final moments leading to the finish line of stage 6 were the most important things for me,” said Mothes. used the expressions.

Vidar Petterson from Gruppetto, Norway, said, “Now we come to the end of this wonderful tour. I am so grateful for the organizers of everything, both on and off the road, the local people I met, the great hospitality, great stages and food. Thank you very much, I will be back!” he said.

Alejandro Lingenti from Spain-Ciclosfera said: “After seven busy days, we finally understood what the Tour of Turkey means, an exciting tour that we will wrap up this Sunday in majestic Istanbul.” made its assessment.

“Charming landscapes, a special and elegant gastronomy, a great public enthusiasm…”

“Immaculate organisation, stunning views, a special and elegant gastronomy, a great public enthusiasm… This is the epitome of the event that I personally await a victory for my compatriot Eduardo Sepulveda, who has so far given an outstanding performance.” he said.

Indicating that it was his first visit to Turkey, Lingenti said, “It was unforgettable for me to witness a unique and lively sports show with the hospitality I saw.” made the statement.

“We look forward to returning”

Francis Cantournet and Fabien Faure from Velostory, France, stated in a joint statement that they were honored to be invited to the tour.

The statement said, “Thank you to the organizers of this wonderful stay, where we enjoyed a warm welcome, excellent organization. These 4 days allowed us to explore the sights, authenticity, inhabitants, gastronomy and of course the amazing hotels offered to us. We also discovered a dynamic and developing country. “We would like to thank our guides with whom we shared beautiful moments of friendship and festivity. Undoubtedly, we look forward to returning to further deepen our explorations in cycling and tourism.” expressions were used.

Hendrik Jansen from Cyclingonline, Netherlands, said: “The Tour of Turkey is a beautiful race, not only because it passes through the most beautiful scenery, but also because it gives all riders the chance to shine and conquer. Wednesday’s stage is a good example. Looking at the top 10, it’s tough. “Tour of Turkey is all about real racing. I hope the tour will encourage some of the kids watching the race on the side of the road to get on a bike and become the champions of the future.” expressed his opinion.

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