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Full Wolf Moon 2024: what time can it be seen today, January 25?

The moon is approaching its apogee in its orbit around the Earth, that is, in the farthest part of its ellipse, but today it will look full when its full moon phase begins.

Around 6:49 p.m. when it will emerge from the northeast of the horizon to give us a very clear night; It will be what the indigenous people of North America called “Wolf Moon”, and tomorrow, January 26, it will have its greatest intensity, and then it will change towards the last quarter phase, which will occur on February 2.

The native peoples of what is now the United States called the first full moon of the year the “wolf moon” because they realized that During this period the howls of these animals are more frequent and intense. This occurs because the full moon increases the visibility of the environment and favors a successful hunt, which motivates them to go out, even when low temperatures limit the number of prey they will find in their adventures; In addition, the snow on the ground and on the branches of the trees can increase the silence and make the calls more noticeable among the animals that go hunting because, yes, as disappointing as it may be, wolves do not howl at the Moon. , but to other wolves, to whom they communicate their position and warn of dangers.

The custom of calling each full moon with a specific name was transmitted from the indigenous people to the European settlers and today has transcended beyond the United States. In this nomenclature, the next ones will be: Snow moon, Worm moon, Pink moon, Flower moon, Hot moon, Deer moon, Sturgeon moon, Harvest moon, Hunter moon, Beaver moon, and Cold moon .

Each one related to an activity and a phenomenon in the nature of our planet, another example of how the Moon has always fascinated humanity.


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