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WorldGabriel Attal, a (too?) all-consuming ambition for the Elysée?

Gabriel Attal, a (too?) all-consuming ambition for the Elysée?

The omnipresence in the media of the Minister of Education, Gabriel Attal, to highlight his policy on schools makes people cringe.

He continues to climb in the polls and multiplies the offensives since his new Ministry of National Education: Gabriel Attal has established himself as one of the main figures of the majority. His name, between enthusiasm and skepticism, is even starting to circulate for 2027. The successor to the discreet Pap Ndiaye makes a series of appearances at 8 p.m. TF1. Omnipresent in the media, he is also present on the ground. His speech lasting almost an hour, on the esplanade of the National Library of France, in Paris, for National Teachers’ Day, was noticed, French and European flags in the background. A scenography worthy of a Prime Minister or a President.

He even received public praise from Emmanuel Macron recently. “When I appointed him, I did so knowing that I had a political leader who had the energy, the courage, to lead the necessary battles,” declared the head of state on December 20. last in the show “C à vous”, on France 5.

Known to the general public as government spokesperson during part of the Covid crisis, before occupying the strategic portfolio of Public Accounts for a year, Gabriel Attal masters the codes of communication, like the tenant of the Elysée, his mentor to whom he “owes[t] everything.” “Attal, he’s like Macron. He doesn’t believe in anything except himself,” confides an ally of the majority to RTL.

“Don’t be fooled by her pretty smile”

From there to making him a newcomer in the race for the Élysée in 2027 when Emmanuel Macron cannot run again? Many talk about it but for the moment, few believe in it in the majority. “That’s it, he already sees himself at the Élysée in 2027!”, quips a member of the government at Parisian, while another says that Gabriel Attal is doing “too much”. “Attal is me, always me, and me again. Don’t be fooled by his pretty smile, he’s a killer. He’s here first and foremost to play politics and respond to a clearly devouring ambition,” assures a confidant of the President of the Republic.

Since taking office, the Minister of Education has banned the abaya, said he is in favor of experiments with uniforms and has addressed harassment in schools. However, an advisor warns: “For the moment, that’s a lot of announcements. But by doing too much, there is also the risk of disappointing if the results do not follow.” If Gabriel Attal’s popularity rating is on the rise, “notoriety is always something very fragile”, judges another advisor to the majority. “It could very well turn around, especially in a ministry like this where there is a permanent crisis.” So be careful that his method and his ambition are not a stick in the wheel that could lead him to the Elysée.

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