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TechGalaxy Unpacked 2024 will be an event for Samsung to show off...

Galaxy Unpacked 2024 will be an event for Samsung to show off AI on cellphones


Artificial intelligence (AI) has been launched in 2023, to be precise since ChatGPT was opened to the public at the end of 2022. However, its implementation on mobile phones is currently relatively limited.

Yes, ChatGPT can indeed be installed as an application on a cellphone. However, yes, it is only limited in application form, which means it does not use AI to carry out deeper cellphone functions.

Maybe Samsung will change this through Galaxy Unpacked 2024, namely revealing the huge potential of AI for cellphones. They have been touting AI capabilities in their newest line of flagship cellphones, namely the Galaxy S24 line which will be released at the event.



In fact, Google tried to do that when they released the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro in October 2023. The two phones can run basic AI models internally, and are promised to receive AI feature updates in the future — which as of now doesn’t look satisfactory.

Some of the features currently available on the Pixel 8 and 8 pro include the ability to summarize transcripts of voice recordings from Pixel Recorder. However, according to The Verge, its capabilities are still limited to 10 minute recordings.

Google also combines the Assistant function with Bard, their ChatGPT-style chatbot. Bard’s capabilities are not yet as sophisticated as ChatGPT, but its integration with Assistant means its capabilities have increased drastically and can perform more complex tasks than just asking for the weather.

Samsung also showed off this AI capability at Sphere, Las Vegas, United States.

The Korean manufacturer took over the giant LED display and presented a very sparkling Las Vegas skyline followed by the famous character Doctor Strange from Marvel forming his signature circle to open a portal.

Just like Galaxy AI, this portal seems ready to bring various new experiences for users to mobile experiences that have never been experienced before.

In the official video released by Samsung, the animation of Doctor Strange coming out of the Sphere moves his hand around one object to another object around him and after that the circle immediately provides information about that object.

“Judging from this experience, you will be able to experience something like Doctor Strange, with a circle that will open up new ways for users to search for information supported by AI,” wrote Verry Octavianus, MX Product Marketing Senior Manager for Samsung Electronics Indonesia, in a statement officially, Wednesday (17/1/2024).

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