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GDLuz 2023: It was achieved! Oblates break record by eating 1,300 jericallas

This Wednesday the Government of Guadalajara held the event We love Jericalla!in the Sports Unit # 51 Cecilia Cigala de García as part of the celebrations of the 481 anniversary of the Pearl Tapatiawhere a total thousand 300 people They ate jericalla at the same time, a typical dessert made from milk, eggs, vanilla, cinnamon and sugar.

The municipal president, Paul Lemus featured this event in which the record was broken, and for him it is important that the traditional neighborhoods of the City join the celebration for this anniversary.

“Today we organized this jericallazo, it was to break the record for the most people who ate jericallas at the same time, and it has been broken with 1,300 jericallas that were eaten at the same time that they were eaten in the Oblates neighborhood, these celebrations for the 481st anniversary , it will be in all its traditional neighborhoods, today we are in Oblates and we will also be in San Andrés, Tetlán, Analco, Huentitán and all the emblematic places because the festivities cannot stay in the Historic Center, there we have GDLuz, the carousel and videomapping and that they expand”, said the mayor.

Lemus noted that They will continue with cultural and gastronomic events promoting the dishes and traditions of Guadalajara with all citizens.

“Today we return to Oblates with the jericallas and the idea is to continue promoting the dishes that distinguish us. Later we will have to celebrate, for example, Meat in its Juice, Birria, which is very traditional in our city, and we will continue like this, raising our spirits for to be from Guadalajara and Guadalajara,” he said.

Jericalla currently enjoys international recognition, because thanks to its delicious flavor and its easy preparation, it has become one of the favorites of Mexican households.

Although there are different versions of the origin of this regional dessert, one of the most popular dates back to the 19th century when nuns prepared this dessert for orphaned children housed in the Hospicio Cabañas in the old San Juan de Dios neighborhood in downtown Guadalajara. . This dessert is named after the home region of one of the mothers, Jérica.



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