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WorldGeneral: 327 cases of extreme extremism related to military, police, and reset...

General: 327 cases of extreme extremism related to military, police, and reset agents

AA / Berlin

The German Minister of the Interior, Nancy Faeser, announced that 327 cases of extremist extremism had been reported in the reconnaissance units, the weapon and the police during the period between July 1. 2018 et le 30 juin 2021.

At the moment of announcing the report, preceded by the Minister of Interior covering a period of 3 years, Faeser declares that one of the most important points on them or is not concentrated since the shutdown is ” “Against the extremism of the right”, reports the German-language Deutsche Welle.

The Minister shall proceed as soon as he proposes to legislate, in an external period of this year, in order to accelerate the repression of functions in unconstitutional tendencies.

“The extremists who work in the public sector do not discredit the vast majority of those who work in order to respect the German Constitution,” said Minister Faeser.

The relevant report that the participating employees participated in the manifestations connected to the extreme right or effect of the Nazi salute during the course of the mentioned period, and a total of 860 employees was confirmed during the course of the reference period, meme source.

Among those employed as right-wing extremists were 83 individuals apparatus in the military counter-espionage service, employing 242,000 military and civilian collaborators, and 18 individuals part of the federal police force, with more than 54,000 people living there. le même rapport.

* Traduit de l’arabe par Mounir Bennour.

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