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WorldGeneral: Emirhan's family, a young man of 13, violently beaten by police,...

General: Emirhan’s family, a young man of 13, violently beaten by police, and shot

AA / Duisburg

The family of Emirhan Altintas, a young man of 13 years of Turkish origin, indicated that the police should be allowed to take part in police violence against them in the city of Duisburg in Germany. Emirhan is accused of having an electoral affair.

Ersen Altintas, the father of the victor, declared to the Anadolu Agency that he had been treated by the police for less than 13 years and that he would not tolerate it, as if he were the raison.

“Our alloys carry the plate. At this moment, we are assembling the themes. We alloniously follow the law legally if you want to,” he said.

All about Turkey for family-friendly bras, the 45-year-old is also indignant at the silence that the German press and authorities have in store for the incident.

Emirhan Altintas said that he trains with his friends when suddenly he loses his balance before going to church and is stuck with an electoral affair at the top of the slippery slope.

“A woman who witnessed an incident appealed to the police. […] I’m suited all over the park with my friends and I’m suis ass. “Two policemen, a woman and a man are coming to me … the policeman approached me and locked me in the sun, and applauded his genitals on my head”, exposing the young man.

“Je ne pouvais plus respirer. Ils ont appuyé mes bras et mes jambes et m’ont trainé per terre”, at-il ajouté.

On April 12, images of the brutal police intervention on a 13-year-old Turkish boy, accused of having an election affair in the German city of Duisburg, were recorded on social networks.

The images show two Emirhan Altintas police officers with one of the agents pressing the gunman with his gun.

* Traduit du turc par Alex Sinhan Bogmis

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