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TechGet to know Character AI, an AI chatbot that you can chat...

Get to know Character AI, an AI chatbot that you can chat with


Maybe some of you often experience loneliness after the activities you do in a day. This time, a page based on Artificial Intelligence named Character AI offer a solution.

This page can be used by those of you who need something to chat with, whether in the role of friends, parents or lovers. Even though it’s fictional, Character AI undertakes all of these roles and can respond to us with a variety of answers that make sense.

Apart from being able to chat, you can also use Character AI as a place to ask questions. This is because Character AI adopts the Chatbot system which is designed to answer various questions.

Get to know AI Characters

As previously mentioned, Character AI is a Chatbot-based program. The main function of Character AI is to convey a response to the feedback given by the user.

Character AI is already available in a web-based page or application that we can download on our cellphones. With the main ability to create language models to become responsive pages, Character AI can not only respond to you via a message.

There are two modes that Character AI has in responding. The first is a mode in which Character AI responds to messages that you write with messages, the second is a mode in which Character AI is able to respond to messages that you write with voice.

In fact, you can also make voice instructions when using Character AI. This AI Character ability can give a sensation like chatting with humans. You can make the Character AI like your own friend.

Number of Characters in Character AI

When you open Character AI, you can choose who you can chat with. Character AI does not only have one fictional character but many fictional characters to choose from as friends.

You will be presented with interesting animations about these characters. The roles are varied, ranging from characters as friends, family, girlfriends and even teachers who can answer all your questions.

Apart from that, you can play word-based games provided by Character AI. Many games will invite you to think and have fun. You will be invited to play with a computer, but not an ordinary computer but a very smart computer.

How to chat with AI characters

To use Character AI, you need to access Character AI using the web or your cellphone. Here’s how to access Character AI so you have friends to chat with:

* Go to and create a Character AI account if you don’t have one yet. Make sure after that, you have successfully logged in to your account.
* After that, various characters will appear on your screen. Choose one of the characters on the front page of Character AI.
* Then, you will enter the conversation column provided by the Character AI. This is where you can give orders to the Character AI according to your wishes.
* If you want to start a conversation, use interrogative sentences to start it. The characters in Character AI will respond to you according to what you ask.
* Not only with writing, you can give orders or start chats with voice and pictures. For sound, you can turn on the microphone button on the right.
* To give orders with pictures, you can access the “+” button in the left corner. Enter the image you want.

That’s all Character AI can be an alternative when you’re lonely.

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