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TechGoogle employees are upset about being laid off arbitrarily

Google employees are upset about being laid off arbitrarily


Google still doing it Layoffs. In 2023, this online search engine giant laid off around 12 thousand employees. This year, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said layoffs might still happen again.

In fact, recently, around 1,000 employees in the Pixel, Fitbit and Tension divisions were laid off. This latest layoff has left some employees frustrated, especially because they think it was done arbitrarily.

“From the C level to the SVP to the VP, they’re all boring and uninspiring,” said Diane Hirsh, a Google software engineer. Layoffs are not carried out directly but only via email.



“Go ahead and call me old-fashioned, but I think if there’s a situation where you have to let someone go, you should meet them face to face, look them in the eye and acknowledge their humanity,” said Kennet Smitg, a former Google manager who was laid off.

Smith said the treatment of the 12,000 employees who were laid off last year was inappropriate, but was still being carried out. Gergerl Orosz, a software engineer, supported Smith’s criticism on LinkeDin.

“Google has successfully established their reputation as a place where after serving an annual service, you only get an email that you are fired. This is just business. They can fire you at any time. Forget loyalty and commitment,” he said.

Previously, CEO Sundar Pichai warned employees that there would be further layoffs in 2024 as the company continued to shift investment into areas such as artificial intelligence or AI. Pichai said they have ambitious goals and will invest in big priorities this year.

“The reality is that to create this investment capacity, we have to make hard choices,” Pichai wrote. For some teams, this means eliminating roles and jobs, including ‘removing layers’ of work to simplify execution and speed.

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