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Business'Govern' and PSC unlock the Budgets of the Generalitat for 2024, waiting...

‘Govern’ and PSC unlock the Budgets of the Generalitat for 2024, waiting for Podemos

The Generalitat will approve the Budget project for 2024 tomorrow in an extraordinary meeting, after ERC and PSC have reached an agreement, although the accounts require the support of another party to be able to move forward.

It does not appear in the pact no reference to the Hard Rock project on the coast of Tarragona, one of the conditions that the PSC proposed to support the accounts but that kept a possible agreement away from the Government with En Comú Podem, a group that opposes the project.

For the 2023 accounts, the Government agreed first with the Comuns and then with the Socialists, while this year the Government has first agreed with the PSC, but still does not have enough support to approve the accounts, since ERC and PSC, with 66 seats, do not reach the absolute majority of 68 deputies of the Parliament.

For the first support that will begin the parliamentary process, the socialists have forced the republicans to increase spending linked mainly to education, health, housing, security and measures linked to drought.

Thus, the agreement for the 2024 Generalitat Budgets between the Government and P.S.C. includes allocating 7,435 million euros to the Ministry of Education, 10% more than the 2023 accounts; increase the allocation of the Ministry of Health by 144 million and that 25% of the total be for primary care, and add 4,000 new apartments to the social rental stock in 2024, reports Europa Press.

In Healththe pact establishes the creation of an extraordinary health fund of 800 million euros to “normalize displaced spending and bring the budget closer to real spending in this area”, and plans to allocate 320 million to apply the III Agreement of the Catalan Institute of Health. Salut (ICS), of which 100 will be to improve “working conditions of nurses and care technicians.”

The games of education They will reserve 50 million for educational improvements for the next academic year and will dedicate 67.5 million to the salary supplement for the six-year terms and the reduction of two teaching hours for teachers over 55 years of age.

Resources for inclusive education will increase by 35 million, 25 million will be distributed to equate the staff of the subsidized centers to that of the public school, and the agreement defines improvement works in 10 centers.

In living place The goal has been set to reach 1,000 apartments acquired by Incasòl since 2023, incorporating homes from large owners, and to transfer 500 million to the construction of 2,350 rental homes with official protection.

The pact aims to increase by 47.7 million the industry support to consolidate the 165 million destined for this sector, considering 100 million euros until 2026 to start the works on Catalunya City and 65 million to expand the fiber optic network.

In investigationfunding for universities is increased by 52 million by 2024.

Transportation and security

The pact between republican socialists includes 57 million euros to finance actions in the Barcelona Metroamong which accessibility works at several stations and renewing the tracks on lines L1, L2 and L3 stand out.

It is also planned to increase the money allocated to the intercity bus network by 24.7 million and 41 million to reform the C-59.

The document also discusses the creation of 25 judicial units new measures to “alleviate the existing historical deficit in Catalonia”, conditional on the State Administration adopting the necessary measures to carry them out, such as financing for the staff of the Administration of Justice.

In addition, it is agreed to invest in equipment for the Firefighters, increase the number of lawyers on duty shifts, and renew cameras and video surveillance systems in the Mossos d’Esquadra police stations.

They have also agreed to increase the Fund of 5.82% Local Cooperationup to 154 million, and increase the budget of the Conselh Generau d’Aran to 36.6 million, 5.5% more than the previous year.

According to the document signed by both parties, at the drought It is planned to allocate 120 million more in subsidies for local entities to make investments to capture groundwater for supply and 86.3 million for irrigation improvements.


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