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WorldGriffin-serrure operation: Turkish army neutralizes 19 PKK terrorists

Griffin-serrure operation: Turkish army neutralizes 19 PKK terrorists

AA / Ankara

The Turkish Defense Ministry announced on Tuesday that it had neutralized 19 terrorists, following the premiere of Operation Griffiths in northern Iraq.

In a declaration, the Minister shall provide information on the progress of the “Griffs-series” operation, which shall be launched at the last level to eliminate the risks of terrorist attacks from the north of the country. Iraq and the security of the frontiers.

“The stages of the first stage have been captured. The operation is routed with success as intended. They are sold in small quantities to control the region. Search and counting activities are carried out without delay. -disanting general quadrants, as the large ones are routed one by one. According to the first determinations, 19 The terrorist has not been neutralized “, affirmative statement communicated.

And he added: “We consider that this number is augmented with the constituents for control over the region. During the operation, 4 of our heroic cameras are blessed. All the necessary medicines are needed.”

The Turkish weapon was launched in the midst of Monday, this new operation against the PKK in the north of Iraq.

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