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SportsGT vs KKR: Rains 'Drown' Gujarat

GT vs KKR: Rains ‘Drown’ Gujarat

Ahmedabad, News Agency : The match between Gujarat Titans and Kolkata Knight Riders (GT vs KKR) was washed away due to heavy rain in Ahmedabad. With the cancellation of the match, Gujarat Titans are officially out of the IPL 2024 play-offs.

What if the match was cancelled?

  • KKR secured their place in the top two teams in the points table with 19 points.
  • After Mumbai Indians, Punjab Kings, Gujarat Titans became the third team to be eliminated from the play-off race.
  • The first team to enter the playoffs was Kolkata Knight Riders

Kolkata Knight Riders, the first team to enter the Indian Premier League 2024 play offs, is confirmed to play the Qualifier 1 match. Monday’s match against Gujarat Titans in Ahmedabad had to be canceled due to rain. So both the teams were awarded 1 point each. This has taken KKR to 19 points and it is difficult for any other team to reach this number of points except Rajasthan Royals. Hence KKR qualified for Qualifier 1.

Gujarat Titans have suffered 3 defeats in their last 5 matches, while KKR have won 4 of their last 5 matches. This match was important for Gujarat; But the rain hindered their way. Heavy rain continued in Ahmedabad along with lightning. The rain had taken a break for a while; But heavy rain started again. At 9.15 the rain reappeared and the overs were gradually reduced. At 10.15 it was finally decided to cancel the match. So both the teams were given 1-1 points each.

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